You are..

June 4, 2010

…the bane of my existence. This is what happens when you aren’t paying attention.

Failed embroidery

Failed embroidery

Lately I’ve been doing many a 12hour working day (i.e. 60 hour week) in the hopes of getting everything done and executed to the highest standards I’m capable of.  I think it’s taking a toll on me so last night I finally watched Changeling and had a good sleep in this morning. I thought it was pretty average to be honest – a bit too many loose ends and no real sense of satisfaction garnered from the ending. So the rest of today I managed to get a bit of digital design work done and $10 worth of standard 3mm clear acrylic off-cuts from this place called Modern Plastics on Victoria St West. It will be laser cut into hangers for the textile collection.

Anyway, here are a couple of my research images for you to enjoy (images courtesy of clipart).


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