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June 4, 2010

…the bane of my existence. This is what happens when you aren’t paying attention.

Failed embroidery

Failed embroidery

Lately I’ve been doing many a 12hour working day (i.e. 60 hour week) in the hopes of getting everything done and executed to the highest standards I’m capable of.  I think it’s taking a toll on me so last night I finally watched Changeling and had a good sleep in this morning. I thought it was pretty average to be honest – a bit too many loose ends and no real sense of satisfaction garnered from the ending. So the rest of today I managed to get a bit of digital design work done and $10 worth of standard 3mm clear acrylic off-cuts from this place called Modern Plastics on Victoria St West. It will be laser cut into hangers for the textile collection.

Anyway, here are a couple of my research images for you to enjoy (images courtesy of clipart).


Drawing with stitches

May 25, 2010

So I’m working on my major project for this semester, due on 22 June 2010. My inspiration comes from the Mexican Day of the Dead…or el Día de los Muertos. My strength doesn’t lie in knit, and I find digital print can look a bit too 2-dimensional so I’ve been experimenting with macramé and freehand machine embroidery. Here’s a bit of what I was doing at 7.30 this morning:

Embroidered skull & flowers by Jessica Soon

The freehand technique was a revelation to me – simple yet so effective plus it doesn’t look too machinated or stylised. You can really focus on the lines and it still has that hand-crafted element to it. The threads I’ve used are just polyester embroidery threads from Spotlight…the La Sarta brand has 3 spools (from the same colourway) in a box for $3.50 – great deal!

Anyway time to work on my laser cutting files, more updates on my work coming soon!

Usually there are flyers everywhere around the art&design building. Most of them are more visual arts based, but this is more relevant to us design students. All the speakers sound very exciting, but the one I’m most interested in is Sarah Thorn, a textile designer and small business owner.

I realise the writing is very small so here are the details:

10-11am Wednesdays in WE230

12 May – Chaz Doherty – Carver, Moko Researcher

19 May – Sarah Thorn – Textile Designer, Small Business Owner

26 May – Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath – Game Designer, Theorist

02 June – Albert Refiti – Pacific Architecture Theorist

09 June – Toby Curnow – Graphic Designer

There is a summary of all the speakers as a pdf. you can download from the arden site:

Hope to see you there!

Jess xx

I’m a 3rd year textiles student at Auckland University of Technology.

I’ve always wanted to create a blog and to share things with people outside of my personal sphere. I’ve never really gotten around to it, mainly because of my worries with personal privacy and the whole intellectual property issue. Anyway, I thought now was a good time.

Embroidered flower  - Jessica Soon

Embroidered flower by Jessica Soon

Welcome to my world.

Jess xx