So it’s been a good few months since I’ve touched this blog and plenty has happened since then..I went to Nepal..and ended up staying for 3 months. Taught English in a government school in the village of Ghandruk in the Annapurna region. Trekked during monsoon season whilst being drenched by heavy downpours and sucked by relentless leeches. Experienced the suffocating commotion of Asan tole, Kathmandu on a Saturday evening and got my luggage lost by my airline in Mumbai on the way home (no worries, I got it back 3 days later).

Back in Auckland now and a few updates..firstly my Beautiful Bones collection is now for sale on Spoonflower.

Secondly, I’ll be relocating to my new personal design-based website where I’ll be sharing heaps more ideas, images and inspiration.

Hope to see you there!