Beautiful Bones

November 24, 2010

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones"

Beautiful Bones is a digitally printed textile collection designed by Jessica Soon.

Capturing the celebration of the richness of life, this textile collection is inspired by the vibrancy of Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) festivities and the whimsical folk-art of Alfonso Castillo Orta.

As an amalgamation of digital printing and freehand machine embroidery, Beautiful bones pays homage to artisanal tradition and embraces the balance between machine vs. hand-made.

Creative processes involve hand-drawing repeat patterns, digital manipulation through Photoshop, fabric printing with internet-based company Spoonflower, then re-working designs using machine embroidery to add the final heightened level of detail.

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Sirenas gold

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Cenotes Azure

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Flor de Muertos

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Fiesta Gold

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Cenotes Cerulean

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Viva la Vida

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones" - Sirenas Lilac

Jessica Soon "Beautiful Bones"


The Heat is On

October 27, 2010

Uni’s been taking over my life lately, I’ve been pretty much spending all my time in studio with the onslaught of presentations and tight deadlines at the moment. Just wanted to share some cool stuff that’s been going on, first off my work is going to be featured at the AD10 (Art+Design) Festival put on by AUT School of Art+Design from the 11-14 November 2010.

You can see a brief overview of all 6 of us graduating textiles students here and our work here.

Jessica Soon

Jessica Soon

Stefani Lee

Stefani Lee

Antonina Depczynski

Antonina Depczynski

Roshannah Bagley

Roshannah Bagley

And while you’re at it, why don’t you join the AD10 Art + Design Festival Fashion/Textiles/Costume Graduating Exhibitions Facebook group so you can keep up to date with what’s happening.

The FINZ website has also gone live so a few of the entries I’ve written as a featured blogger are up if you want to have a look.

Will be updating with content here and there more regularly I hope – still have to fill in all the exciting things that have happened (Spoonflower fabrics, interviews, Fashion Week etc.) so stay tuned.

Usually there are flyers everywhere around the art&design building. Most of them are more visual arts based, but this is more relevant to us design students. All the speakers sound very exciting, but the one I’m most interested in is Sarah Thorn, a textile designer and small business owner.

I realise the writing is very small so here are the details:

10-11am Wednesdays in WE230

12 May – Chaz Doherty – Carver, Moko Researcher

19 May – Sarah Thorn – Textile Designer, Small Business Owner

26 May – Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath – Game Designer, Theorist

02 June – Albert Refiti – Pacific Architecture Theorist

09 June – Toby Curnow – Graphic Designer

There is a summary of all the speakers as a pdf. you can download from the arden site:

Hope to see you there!

Jess xx